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Dénes BERNÁD, Dmitriy KARLENKO, Jean-Louis ROBA
From Barbarossa to Odessa - The Luftwaffe and Axis Allies Strike South-East: June-October 1941 - Volume 1

Dénes BERNÁD, Dmitriy KARLENKO, Jean-Louis ROBA

From Barbarossa to Odessa - The Luftwaffe and Axis Allies Strike South-East: June-October 1941 - Volume 1

ISBN13 / EAN: 9781857802733
ISBN10: 185780273X
The book can be ordered at the Publisher:

Written by acknowledged experts, led by Dénes Bernád, on this important but often overlooked theatre of operations, the two volumes of From Barbarossa to Odessa: The Luftwaffe Strikes South East, represent a major contribution to the available literature on the subject.

New, and often unexpected and controversial information continues to emerge on the massive air campaign fought over the Russian Front during World War 2. The books are the result of lengthy and meticulous study, on the air combat that took place on the southern flank of the Eastern Front following Operation Barbarossa. The period covered in these volumes saw the capture of Bessarabia and southwest Ukraine and concludes when the area’s regional capital, Odessa, was captured by the Rumanians on 16 October 1941. This was one of the most bitter and intensive air campaigns fought in the east due to the fact that local Soviet commanders dispersed most of their air assets in time, preventing their destruction on the ground. Thus, in this little-studied campaign, the Soviet Air Force was able to respond effectively to the Axis onslaught and achieved some of its greatest successes of 1941.

The often overlooked involvement of aircraft from Axis states other than Germany, such as the Romanians who claimed a total of over 600 air victories, the Hungarians, the Slovaks and even the Bulgarians, is covered in the book. Their involvement makes this campaign of great interest because of the large variety of aircraft types employed by both sides. Aided by a large number of previously unpublished photographs, the book tells the story of the campaign from both sides and provides detailed eyewitness accounts from individual pilots who were involved in the fighting. Besides day-to-day operations, appendices contain comprehensive victory and loss lists.

The books are essential reading for historians of the air war in the east, and of the Luftwaffe and its allied air forces and aviation modellers.


Compared to books about RAF and USAAF operations—think about Bomber Command War Diaries and Fighter Command War Diaries and Air War Europa and the USAAF Combat Chronology—far less information has been published about day-to-day aerial ops on the Russian Front. Despite some efforts to more thoroughly document the daily air action (see, for example, Christer Bergstrom's new book, below), the same level of detail simply hasn't been available to historians. It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, to open this book by Bernad, Karlenko, and Roba, especially when it's touted as the first of a series.

The authors open with twelve pages that recap the events leading up to Operation Barbarossa, survey the opposing air forces, and provide OBs for the Luftwaffe, Soviets, Royal Rumanian Air Force, Hungarian Air Force, and Slovak expeditionary air units. These orders of battle (and the ensuing text) don't cover the entire front, just the southern flank of Barbarossa, essentially the frontage of German Army Group South.

Following that introductory material, the book begins day-by-day coverage of action in the air on that part of the front. This runs from 22 June through 31 July. Each daily entry averages a page or more in length, but considerably longer for the opening days of the campaign. The daily material proves in many ways comparable to the depth of coverage Chris Shores has provided in books like Fighters over the Desert and Malta: The Hurricane Years.

Scopul acestei rubrici este de a informa vizitatorii noştri de apariţia, în decursul timpului, a unor cărţi cu subiect aviatic. Vom încerca totodată să oferim în acest cadru toate detaliile pe care le deţinem pentru procurarea acestor titluri, însă nu ne implicăm în (nu intermediem) comercializarea cărţilor prezentate.

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